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Tom was sitting in the front of the bus. Generally, women live 10 years longer than men. I have a bad pain here. Get this stuff out of here. I expect him to take care of my younger brother. Do you have any tattoos? He stuck with his own theory. I hear that his father is in another country. I'll pay for the tickets. Not yet.
Jenna Sue Font: - Every door in the house is locked.
- She wouldn't be happy with him.
- I am John.
- Yeah, it is. I come here all the time.
- At a guess, I'd say she's 26.
- How long does it take to get there?
- Who is it that you want to talk to?
- You've got to give up gambling once and for all.
- I bet you wish you hadn't done that.
- Things are slow right now. Would you mind if I borrow your phone, mine's out of batteries and I have to call my boss to tell him about this.
She lives with him. There is an urgent need for good legal advice. I don't understand and I'm not used to not understanding. Please explain it once more. Is this fish still alive? Take good care of yourself. She went to the store to buy some groceries. Would you like to leave a message? What is popular now? We sometimes meet them. I have to go shopping. I'll be back in an hour. There is an urgent need for new ideas.

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